Catacombs 3E

Shot Modifiers


Shot modifiers change the shot being performed, typically by enabling an additional effect. When a modifier has been applied, the shot icon will be a different color from the base shot.

If a modified shot hits multiple opponents, the modifier is only applied to one of the affected characters (attacker’s choice). However, all affected characters still take damage from the base shot as normal.

Chain Shot

The chain shot modifier (yellow) indicates that the same target cannot be damaged consecutively in a shot sequence. It does not appear in combination with any other shot modifier.

If the same target is hit consecutively, damage that would have been inflicted by the additional hit(s) is ignored. This distributes damage from a particular shot sequence across multiple targets.

Ranged shots with the chain modifier always originate from the location of the character performing them.

Corrosion Shot Modifier

If a hero is hit with a corrosion shot modifier (brown), they destroy one Item card at random.

Shuffle the hero's Item cards and draw one Item card randomly. Remove the drawn card from the game. Any pieces associated with the removed card on the playmat are also removed.

If the hero does not have any Item cards, they lose 3 gold coins instead. If the hero does not have any gold coins, then this modifier has no effect.

Critical Shot Modifier

The critical shot modifier (red) increases the damage inflicted by the base shot by one point.

Fear Shot Modifier

The attacker who damages a target with the fear shot modifier (white), may immediately perform a single, unmodified rush shot with the character they damaged. (This includes characters that are stunned).

Petrify Shot Modifier

When a character is hit with the petrify shot modifier (gray), they turn to stone and immediately die. Remove the character from the playmat, no matter how much health they have remaining.

If multiple characters are hit, only one is affected by petrify, but all characters still take damage. The player performing the shot decides which character turns to stone.

Poison Shot Modifier

When a hero is hit by a poison shot modifier (green), they first must decrease their health by one point (if applicable).

Draw one poison card from the Poison deck and place it face up on the affected hero’s player board. In some cases, you will draw two cards.

Poison cards accumulate with each poison shot. If the total value of all accumulated Poison cards equals or exceeds a hero's starting health, the hero immediately dies.

Regeneration Shot Modifier

Regeneration steals health from an enemy. The regeneration shot modifier (pink) enables a character to restore one point of health after successfully damaging an enemy.

Only one point of health gets restored, even if multiple targets are damaged. A character can never exceed their maximum starting health.

Example: A Troll that has already taken damage successfully damages the Thief with its regeneration melee shot. The Thief suffers one point of damage, and the Troll’s piece flips back over to its normal state, because it has regained one point of health.

Stun Shot Modifier

When a hero is hit with a stun shot modifier (blue), place the Stunned card over the affected hero’s Rules card. A stunned hero may only perform a single rush shot on their turn.

To un-stun a hero, hit the stunned hero directly with any melee or rush shot. Other stunned heroes may also un-stun a hero. When this happens, remove the Stunned card from the hero's Rules card.

When the Battle Phase ends, all stunned heroes return to normal. Players remove all Stunned cards.

If a hero is stunned and has a familiar in play, the player controlling the hero can still perform the familiar’s action each turn. However, in the case of the Raven Familiar, no spells can be cast from its location while its owner is stunned.

If only a single hero can perform normal actions during the Battle Phase (because all other heroes are dead, devoured, or teleported), ignore the effects of the stun modifier on that hero.

Transform Shot Modifier

The transform shot modifier (purple) enables the character performing the shot to transform into the indicated form. It is the player’s choice whether or not the transformation occurs.