Catacombs 3E

Important Terms


Character: Heroes, allies, familiars, monsters, Catacomb Lords, and Antients.

Teammates: Characters fighting on the same side. Heroes, allies, and familiars are teammates. Catacomb Lords and monsters are teammates. Characters on the same team cannot damage each other.

Turn: When any character takes one action.

Round: When all characters on the playmat have taken one turn. A round starts with all the Heroic Forces taking turns, followed by the Catacomb Lord’s Forces taking their turns.

Phase: There are three phases for each room: Setup, Battle, and Resolution.

Shot: A single flick of a disc across the playmat. Different shot types are represented by specific icons.

Shot Sequence: Found on a Spell, Ability, Item, or Rules card. This tells players which shot or shots they may perform when the card is played.