Catacombs 3E



Antients typically enter play by the heroes playing an Item or Spell card. Antients cannot be damaged, destroyed, or suppressed and are immune to the effects of all shots and modifiers.

Example: A hero playing the Item card “Vaiel’s Urn” can summon Urthoth the Liquid Antient. During the Battle Phase, place an Antient onto the playmat with a summon shot. The Antient stays for the remainder of the room.

An Antient is controlled first by the player that summoned it. Once that player’s turn is over, the Antient card passes to the Overseer. Control of the Antient passes back and forth between the heroes and the Overseer until the battle phase is finished.

Antients can be used strategically by the heroes to eliminate tough monsters and weaken Catacomb Lords. However, when controlled by the Overseer, they represent formidable opponents.