One player must always play the role of the Overseer. All remaining players must play four hero characters. If there are not enough players, a single player may control more than one hero.

As a group, players choose which four heroes to use in the game. (For your first few games, it is recommended to play with the Wizard, Chicken Champion, Thief, and Barbarian.)

Place each hero’s Portrait and Rules cards, along with any starting Ability, Item, or Spell cards, on top of each hero’s player board. Place a Hero Tracker on the health track of each hero.

There are six heroes to choose from, but only play four in a game:

Varesh the Wizard

As a Spell Caster, Varesh has a set of powerful spells at his disposal to assist the party.

Roosan the Chicken Champion

Roosan is particularly effective at disrupting the Overseer’s plans with its Feathers of Fury ability.

Elani the Thief

Elani can make an additional shot to escape from dangerous situations. She receives one extra gold coin for each monster she slays.

Xoric the Barbarian

Xoric has the most health points, enabling him to survive close encounters with the enemy. He can also use his savage Berserker Battle Axe item.

Oleira the Elf

Oleira can shoot from a safe distance using her Elven Arrow ability and is assisted by a Spirit Familiar.

Marorg the Skeleton Explorer

Marorg is a solid, all-round fighter who is immune to poison attacks and buys items at a discount.