Catacombs 3E

Taking and Healing Damage


Taking Damage

Multiple targets can be damaged by a single (unmodified) shot, provided the shot hits them directly. Example: A hero’s melee shot can ricochet off a Troll (inflicting one point of damage in the process) then hit a Skeleton Warrior (again inflicting one point of damage).

It is possible for a character to damage multiple targets who are adjacent to each other simultaneously through ricochet shots. However, if a hero’s melee shot strikes a Troll who is then pushed into a Zombie, no damage is inflicted on the Zombie, because the hero did not hit the Zombie directly.

Healing Damage

Healing restores a damaged character’s health. When one or more Heal icons appear on a card, a character increases their health according to the number of Heal icons. The character can also heal any one hero or ally instead.

The Heal All icon enables all living teammates (including the character performing the healing) to recover one point of health.

Note: A character’s health may not be increased beyond its starting level.