Tiny Epic Quest

Night Phase - Resolution


When all players have Rested, by choice or from Exhaustion, move to Resolution.

First, all players should have already resolved their Heroes when they Rested (see Resting). This includes collecting defeated Goblin Tokens, learning Spells, and completing Temples. Next, players perform the following to set up for the next round:

Move the Magic Token back to the first space on the Magic Track. The progress of the Magic Token resets at the end of every round.

Flip any passive Goblin Tokens (green) on Portals to their aggressive sides (red).

Fill any empty Portals (without a Goblin Token) with a new passive Goblin Token (green) from the supply.

Flip all Movement Cards to their active sides.

• If the First Player Token is showing the side, then the rightmost Quest Card is discarded to a discard pile. Shift the remaining Quest Cards to the right, and deal a new Quest Card face up to the left. There should be 3 Quest Cards face up to begin the next round, including at least one of each type of quest.

Pass the First Player Token to the next player clockwise with the side face up.

• Advance the Round Token to the next number on the Round Card.