Tiny Epic Quest

Hero Movement


There are five types of Movement Cards in the game, each describing a unique travel method. The travel method for the turn is the same whether you selected the card yourself or you are following the player who selected the card.

When a Hero moves, they must always move to a different Map Card. A Hero cannot move to a Region (see Regions on the Map Cards) on the same Map Card. When moving across any number of Map Cards, your Hero is considered to be moving through each Map Card between the start and finish locations.

The 5 Movement Cards and their respective travel methods are:

By Horse

Move 1 Hero horizontally to any different Map Card along the "road".

By Raft

Move 1 Hero vertically to any different Map Card along the "river".

By Gryphon

Move 1 Hero diagonally to any different Map Card along the diagonal path.

By Ship

Move 1 Hero on the Coast (perimeter of the Land Map) to any different Map Card on the Coast. Map Cards passed along the Coast are considered to have been "moved through."

By Foot

Move 1 Hero in any direction to any adjacent Map Card.