Tiny Epic Quest

Regions on the Map Cards


Each Map Card has two Regions: a Left and a Right Region (the top and bottom of each side are considered to be the same Region). When you move your Hero to a Map Card, you must choose on which Region of Map Card your Hero will be placed, either on the Left or Right. Some Regions have actions that may be taken when you move there. A Hero who starts on a Region like this must move off the Map Card and back onto it during a subsequent movement in order to take that Region's action again. The different Regions are:


Place your Hero on the entrance of the Temple. You may attempt to complete this Temple and potentially gain Items (see Exploring Temples). Only two Heroes from two different players (1 Hero per player) may be in any part of the same Temple at the same time.

Spell Obelisks

Place your Hero in front of the Obelisk's spell book. You may attempt to learn the Spell of that region during the Night Phase (see Learning Spells). Any number of players, 1 Hero each, can be in this Region learning the same Spell.

Mushroom Grottos

Place your Hero on the Grotto, and then you may immediately take the action that is described. Multiple Heroes may occupy a single Grotto at the same time. Heroes in a Grotto do not perform any actions during the Night Phase. Any number of players, 1 Hero each, can be in this Region.

Goblin Portal

Place your Hero on the circle below the Goblin Token. The Hero is considered to be Attacking the Goblin, and you may attempt to defeat it (see Attacking). ONLY 1 Hero can attack a Goblin at a time.


Place your Hero on a Castle to immediately gain 1 OR 1 . You also may gain this if you Idle while one of your Heroes is at a Castle (see Idling). Multiple Heroes may be in the same Castle at the same time.