Tiny Epic Quest

Day Phase - Movement and Questing


The Day Phase consists of 4 turns, regardless of the number of players, and starts with the player who holds the First Player Token, then proceeds clockwise around the table. This means that only 4 of the 5 Movement Cards will be used during a single round.

Note: A "turn" consists of the selection of a Movement Card and all players' movements before the next Card is selected.

On your turn:

1. Select a Movement Card and slide it up so that it stands higher in the row. Then choose from A or B:

A. move 1 of your Heroes onto a Region (see Regions on the Map Cards) of a new Map Card using the travel method depicted on the Movement Card (see Hero Movement).

B. remain Idle and do not move (see Idling).

2. Going clockwise, each other player must either use the selected Movement Card or choose to remain Idle instead.

3. After all players have moved or remained Idle, flip the selected Movement Card face down and place it back into the row to show it is no longer available this round. The next player selects a new Movement Card and the procedure is repeated until 4 Movement Cards have been played.