Tiny Epic Quest

Game Setup (for 2-4 Players)


1. Give each player:

A. 1 Player Card (their selected color, or randomly).

B. 3 Heroes in their Player Card’s color.

C. 1 Health Token and 1 Max Health Marker, both placed on the number 6 at the top of the Player Card.

D. 1 Power Token and 1 Max Power Marker, both placed on the number 3 at the top of the Player Card.

E. 1 Adventure Card, with the "Adventure" side face up.

F. 1 Set of Legendary Items (Sword, Shield, and Staff), placed on the first (left) space of their corresponding tracks on the Player Card.

2. Place the Magic Card, "2-4 player" side face up, on the table:

A. Place the players’ Spell Tokens (matching their player colors) off to the left of this card near the Spell Library (denoted as books on the Magic Card), designating a spell level of "0".

B. Place the Magic Token onto the marked first space of the Magic Track.

3. Place the Round Card on the table, and on the right side of the card, place the Round Token on the number 1, designating the first of five rounds.

4. Create the Land Map (follow the instructions below).

Creating the Land Map

Separate the Map Cards into 2 decks: 4 Castle Map Cards (with Castles) and 13 Regular Map Cards.

Using the Bright side of each Map Card, lay out the Land Map as follows:

Shuffle the Regular Map Cards, then deal 5 into a "cross."

Randomly place all 4 Castle Map Cards in the corners of the "cross."

Deal 8 Regular Map Cards, 2 to each side of the center cards. These Cards, along with the Castle Map Cards, will serve as the Coast of the Land Map.

5. Place the 3 Heroes of each player on the Map Card with the Castle matching the color of their Player Cards.

6. Place Goblin Tokens, passive (green) side face up, on each of the 7 Goblin Portals on the Land Map, aligning the diamond on the token with the diamond on the Map Card. Place the unused Goblin Tokens in a stack where all players can reach them.

7. Place the 5 Movement Cards, face up, in a row within reach of the players.

8. Shuffle the Quest Cards and place them into a deck, face down. Deal 3 face up Quest Cards in a row so all players can easily see and reach them. There should always be at least 1 Movement Quest and 1 Treasure Quest (see Quest Cards) face up in the row, unless there are no more cards of a certain quest type available. If there is not, discard the last card drawn and draw a new one until this requirement is met.

9. Place the Item Rack, along with the 12 Treasure Items in it, and the 5 Adventure Dice within reach of the players.

10. Give the First Player Token to the player who has most recently done a scavenger hunt, or determine as a group who gets the token. This player goes first. The token should be placed with the face up at the start of the game.