Tiny Epic Quest

Objective and Overview


The objective is to have the most Victory Points at the end of five rounds. Victory Points are earned from completing Quests, defeating Goblins, learning Spells, and acquiring Legendary Items.

Each round is broken into two phases: Day and Night. During the Day, players use different methods of movement to send their heroes around the land completing Quests, visiting helpful Mushroom Grottos, and positioning themselves to explore Temples, learn Spells at Obelisks, and attack Goblins as they emerge from their Portals.

During the Night, players press their luck, looking to resolve what they set up during the Day. To do this, players will take turns rolling Adventure Dice, sharing the results, and hoping for good fortune. But if they don't know when to Rest, they risk losing their progress for the round.

After five rounds, the game is over and players total their Victory Points. The player with the most is crowned the winner!