Tiny Epic Quest

Exploring Temples


Temples hold Legendary Items and Treasure Items that your Heroes can use to gain abilities. You start exploring Temples during the Day Phase by moving your Hero onto the Temple's entrance.

Each player may advance a Hero in a Temple 2.

You may advance your Hero on the Temple Track (4 total spaces) by using and rolled during the Night Phase, or with the help of certain Mushroom Grottos. If the next space on the Track shows 2 symbols, they must be rolled at the same time and both assigned to the same Hero. You can also Forge Ahead in addition to the dice rolled (see Forge Ahead), and may advance multiple Heroes, and advance multiple spaces on the same Temple Track, if enough symbols were rolled or Forged.

If a player's Hero reaches the last space on a Temple Track during the Day Phase (through use of a Grotto), that player has completed that Temple and they immediately return their Hero to their Castle and gain 1 OR 1. Then, that player can take the Item and Quest Card they achieved, advance a Legendary Item on its track on their Player Card, or both, if applicable.

• If a player's Hero reaches the last space on a Temple Track during the Night Phase, the completion of the Temple is resolved only when that player Rests. If a player becomes Exhausted before they Rest, the Temple is not completed. Their Hero returns to their Castle, losing their progress in the Temple, even if they were on the last space.