When you Rest, either by choice or by becoming Exhausted, you flip your Adventure Card over to its "Rest" side. If you were just passed the dice, pass them again clockwise. You can no longer Adventure or take part in rolling. You now must resolve your Heroes depending on the Regions in which they are located.

Resolve your Heroes:

All of your Heroes on Portals, Obelisks, or on the last space of a Temple Track MUST return to your Castle. If you chose to Rest (did not became Exhausted): any Hero on the last space of a Temple Track completes that Temple (see Exploring Temples), and any Hero on an Obelisk learns that Spell if the Magic Level allows (see Learning Spells).

Heroes on Castles, Grottos, or on a space of a Temple Track other than the last space, MUST remain for the next Day Phase. Unless you became Exhausted, then all your Heroes return to your Castle.

For each Hero returned, gain 1 OR 1. If you became Exhausted, set your Health Token to 6 and your Power Token to 3 instead.