Tiny Epic Quest

Legendary Item Clarification


The Sword is used to help attack Goblins during the Night Phase. For the Hero with the Sword, you can spend 1 , any number of times, to deal 1 damage () to a Goblin. This can be used in conjunction with symbols rolled or independently. This action may be taken even when you're not the player with the dice. However, the Hero must be at a Goblin Portal to use it. Note: if also equipped with a Bow and attacking from one Map Card away, the Sword ability does not apply.

The Shield is used to help defend against taking damage during the Night Phase. It does not matter which Hero is equipped with the Shield. When you receive 1 , instead of spending 2 to defend, you only spend 1 . Note: if is spent to defend 1 , it negates all the damage that would otherwise deal (-1 to -3 damage).

The Staff is used when you Rest during the Night Phase to help you learn Spells. For the Hero with the Staff, you can spend 1, any number of times, to learn the Spell that Hero is on as if the Magic Token was advanced that number of additional spaces on the Magic Track. Do not physically advance the token. For instance, if the Magic Token is on the fifth space, you can spend 3 to act as if it were on the eighth space when you Rest. This allows you to learn Spells that are a higher level than the current progress of the Magic Track.