All players may use each rolled to damage a Goblin that one of their Heroes is attacking. To defeat the Goblin, you must rotate the Goblin Token 5 times clockwise. You rotate the Goblin Token once for each rolled . Each may only be used by one of your Heroes, so if you have multiple Heroes attacking Goblins, they may not share a single .

Each player may deal 2 to a Goblin they have a Hero attacking, rotating it twice.

As you continue to damage the Goblin Token, rotate until the diamond on the Map Card points to the . Then the Goblin is defeated! Collect the Goblin Token immediately and keep it next to your Player Card to later count for final scoring. For each Goblin Token collected, your maximum Health threshold is increased by 1 (see Health and Power Maximum Thresholds).

If you Rest or are Exhausted before you can defeat a Goblin you are attacking, your Hero must leave the Portal and return to your Castle. Damage dealt to the Goblin is not saved. Goblins restore to "full health" if not defeated in a single round.