Tiny Epic Quest

Moving Past Goblins


Goblin Tokens have two sides:

When moving through a Map Card (not your start or destination) with an aggressive Goblin (red) at its Portal, you must spend 1 Power (move the Token down 1 number) for EACH such Map Card that your Hero moves through. Then flip that Goblin Token to its passive side (green) with the diamond on the Goblin Token aligning with diamond on the Map Card.

If you end your movement at a Portal with an aggressive Goblin (red), flip it to its passive side (green) without spending .

If you do not have the to move past an aggressive Goblin (red), you may not make that movement.

To perform this Raft Movement with this Hero, you must spend 1 to move through a Map Card with an aggressive Goblin (red). Then both aggressive Goblins are flipped to their passive side (green).