Tiny Epic Quest

Night Phase - Adventuring


During this phase, players will take turns rolling the 5 Adventure Dice in an effort to complete three different types of Adventures:

• Exploring for Items at Temples (see Exploring Temples)

• Attacking Goblins at Portals (see Attacking)

• Learning Spells at Obelisks (see Learning Spells)

Each player should start the phase with their Adventure Card with the "Adventure" side face up. A player is considered to be Adventuring until they have Rested. The player with the First Player Token takes the 5 Adventure Dice and starts the Night Phase.

The flow of Adventuring is as follows:

1. The player with the dice must first choose to Adventure or Rest:

A. If a player chooses to Rest, they flip their Adventure Card over to the "Rest" side and pass the dice clockwise to the next Adventuring player (see Resting).

B. If a player chooses to Adventure (leaving their card "Adventure" side up), they follow steps 2-4 below.

2. First, the player with the dice rolls them where all players can see them. The die actions are resolved in the following order:

3. Then all Adventuring players may simultaneously use these symbols toward resolving their own Adventures:

4. Then the dice are passed clockwise to the next Adventuring player who starts by choosing to Adventure or Rest. Once all players have chosen to Rest, or are Exhausted (see Becoming Exhausted), move onto Resolution (see Resolution).