Tiny Epic Mechs

Attacking with a Weapon


Choose one of the equipped Weapon Cards (not cards in the stockpile) and rotate the card 90 degrees on its slot. This shows that the Weapon has been used and is now “exhausted” for this Combat. Then:

1. Deal the attack damage listed on the card’s first line, unless dealing a Power Attack (see Power Attacking), to the enemy (their Health Token is moved down on their health track).

2. Immediately Score for each 1 damage dealt. Damage dealt in excess of an enemy’s health does not reward victory points.

3. Note the listed ability of the attack and resolve any effects.

Example: Maverick attacks Diamond with a Lightning Coil. It does 0 damage to Diamond but because of its ability, he may pay up to 3 to increase the damage up to 3. Maverick could then potentially score .