Tiny Epic Mechs

Executing Actions


After movement, the Robot Pilot executes its action:

Collect: Just as normal, the Robot Pilot collects resources shown on each Zone it controls with itself and its Mines/Turrets. If the resources of the Robot Pilot are maxed out, then it does not Collect.

Deploy MIne or Turret: If the Robot Pilot can afford to deploy into that Zone (has enough or ), it will deploy the Mine or Turret. The Mines should be shuffled face-down before placing one. It will NOT deploy (it then Collects instead) if:

It cannot afford it.

All of its Mines/Turrets are already deployed.

The other Robot Pilot has a Mine/Turret in that Zone.

Purchase Weapon: The Robot Pilot purchases the first Advanced Weapon from the row it can afford, choosing from left to right. It cannot buy Basic Weapons. It will NOT Purchase (it then Collects instead) if:

It cannot afford any of the Weapons in the row.

It has reached a maximum limit of 4 Advanced Weapons in its stockpile.

Power Up: The Robot Pilot pays as it can and needs to heal to its full health. If it is already at full health, it then Collects instead.