Tiny Epic Mechs

The Mighty Mech


In the center of the arena stands the Mighty Mech. If the Mighty Mech is unoccupied, any player in Power Armor with full heath entering the same Zone as the Mighty Mech may choose to immediately take control of it, regardless of what Zone the Mighty Mech is in:

Immediately score .

Take the Mighty Mech Card, choose which Mech Power (side) to use, and place it on top of your Pilot Card, covering it. Place your Health Token at full health on the “11” space.

Remove your ITEMeeple from the Power Armor and place it into the Mighty Mech (place the Power Armor back into your stockpile).

You may then equip the Mighty Mech with up to 4 Advanced Weapons from your stockpile. The Mighty Mech cannot equip Basic Weapons.

Controlling the Mighty Mech:

Though the Mighty Mech wields awesome firepower, there is a downside: you cannot Power Up (using a Power Up action has no effect). In fact, there is no way to heal while in the Mighty Mech. You also lose the ability listed on your Pilot card, and it is instead replaced by the Rocket Charge or Force Field ability listed on the Mighty Mech Card. You cannot voluntarily leave the Mighty Mech once you took control of it.