Tiny Epic Mechs

Solo Game Setup


1. Setup for 3-player game, with the human player in the "single" north most Base Zone and each of the Robot Pilots in the other two Base Zones.

2. Both Robot Pilots start the game wearing Power Armor. Turn each Robot Pilots' Power Armor so that it is facing north, toward the human player.

3. Place 2 Player Cards next to each other for each Robot Pilot, placing the an Energy and Credits Token on the "3" space of each resource track. Make sure there is room around each card where cards and Mine/Turret Tokens can be placed and played.

4. Pilot Cards will not be used for the Robot Pilots. The Robot Pilots will keep track of their health on their Player Card. Place their Health Token on the "9" space of their resource track.

5. Flip the fourth, unused Player Card over. This will provide a Robot Pilot Guide for how the Robot Pilots' Program Cards are resolved.

6. Give 2 Basic Weapons and their Cards to each Robot Pilot:

One with a Pulse Pistol and an Energy Sword.

The other with a Pulse Pistol and a Grenade Launcher.

Place the 2 Basic Weapon Cards face-up under each Player Card.

7. Shuffle the Robot Pilots' 8 Program Cards, placing them in a face-down stack under the Player Cards. Return each Robot Pilots' Ad Hoc Mode Card to the box.

8. Flip all Robot Pilot Mines face-down and shuffle them randomly. Then place 1 random Mine face-down in each of the Robot Pilots' Bases.

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