Tiny Epic Mechs

Gameplay Overview


The game takes place over 6 rounds. Each round, players will program their Pilot using Program Cards, and then execute that program to move their Pilots around the arena and perform actions. If a player enters a Zone with an enemy Pilot, Combat ensues.

After the 2nd, 4th, and 6th rounds, players will earn victory points () for having control over Zones (with their Pilots, Turrets, and Mines) and for controlling the Mighty Mech. After the 6th and final round, players also score victory points for each Weapon they have purchased.

A round consists of the following phases in order:

1. Program: Players secretly and simultaneously choose 4 Program Cards and lay them out, covered by their 4 unused Program Cards, in the order they will execute them (see Phase 1: Program).

2. Execution: One at a time, beginning with the Starting Player, players reveal and resolve each Program Card in order (see Phase 2: Execution).

3. Scoring: (on rounds 2, 4, and 6) Players gain victory points for Zones controlled and the Mighty Mech (see Scoring Rounds).