Tiny Epic Mechs

Combat with a Robot Pilot


Gather all of the Robot Pilot’s equipped Weapon Cards, and under the table shuffle them to form a face-down stack. When it is the Robot Pilot’s turn to use a Weapon, flip the topmost card. If there is a decision to be made due to the Weapon’s effect, such as paying resources for extra damage, then paying the highest amount of the resource it can afford is the only decision it can make. Any other decision is ignored.

The Robot Pilot never retreats. If it exhausts all of its Weapons, instead of retreating, reshuffle and reuse all its equipped Weapon Cards.

If there is a Turret or Mine from the other Robot Pilot, they deal damage to you before the Combat begins. They DO NOT damage the Robot Pilot.

Since Robot Pilots do not pre-program their moves, the Robot Pilots never enters Ad-Hoc Mode after Combat.

Keep note of Power Attacks that you or the Robot Pilot may trigger when a Weapon Card is revealed.

The Robot Pilot immediately uses a Power Attack for its first attack if it jumps into your Zone using a Diagonal Jump or Double Jump. If it survives Combat, the Robot Pilot then faces "north" toward your Base.