Tiny Epic Mechs

Purchase a Weapon



Pay the listed amount of resources on the Weapon Card to take any one of the 4 face-up Advanced Weapon Cards in the row, or one of the 4 Basic Weapons that you do not already have. You cannot purchase more than one Weapon with a single action. Then take the corresponding Weapon Item and add it to your stockpile. Players may have an unlimited number of Weapon Cards in their stockpiles, but only one of each type of the Basic Weapons.

After an Advanced Weapon Card is purchased from the row, immediately draw a new card from the deck to replace it. If there are no more cards to draw, continue playing and do not draw new cards. Players can purchase Weapons even if they cannot use them at their current status (see below).

Equipping Basic and Advanced Weapons: Place the cards faceup into the labeled slots on the Pilot or Mighty Mech Card and the corresponding Weapon Items into the slots on the ITEMeeple, Power Armor, or Mech you control. You may equip/exchange your Weapons from your stockpile any time you change your Pilot’s status, purchase a Weapon, or at the beginning or end of your turn. You cannot switch Weapons you have equipped during Combat.

Based on your Pilot’s status:

Pilot- Can hold up to 2 Basic Weapons in its hand slots ONLY.

Power Armor- Can hold up to 2 Basic Weapons in its hand slots and up to 2 Advanced Weapons in its shoulder slots (cannot hold Advanced Weapons in its hand slots or vice versa).

Mighty Mech- Can hold up to 4 Advanced Weapons ONLY.