Player mat


POPULARITY TOKEN: Place your popularity token (heart) on the indicated level of the Popularity Track on the game board.

OBJECTIVE CARDS: Draw the indicated number of objective cards. The content of those cards is kept secret from opponents. After all players have drawn their objective cards, return the objective deck to the board.

COINS: Gain the indicated amount of coins and place them on your Faction Mat. While the number of coins you have during the game is not hidden information, you are never required to reveal their total value to other players.

TECHNOLOGY CUBES: Put 6 technology cubes on your Player Mat on the green boxes that have a black square in the bottom right corner.

WORKERS: Your remaining 6 workers (meeples) go on the rectangles above the Produce action.

STRUCTURE TOKENS: Your 4 structure tokens (wooden buildings: Armory, Monument, Mine, and Mill) go on top of the corresponding boxes. Each player has the same 4 structures.

ACTION TOKEN: Place your action token next to the Player Mat.

RECRUIT TOKENS: Your 4 recruit tokens (cylinders) go on the circular spaces on the bottom row of the Player Mat.

STARTING PLAYER: The player with the lowest number in the label on their Player Mat will go first. Play proceeds clockwise from there.