What happens after a combat


WINNER: The winner gains (or maintains) control of the territory and all resource tokens on it. The winner also places 1 star token in the combat space of the Triumph Track if they haven’t already placed 2 stars for combat victories. If the winner was the attacker, they lose 1 popularity for each worker they forced to retreat by initiating and winning combat. Also, if there was an encounter token on the territory and the winner has a character there, they now perform the encounter.

LOSER: The loser must retreat all of their units—mechs, characters, and workers—from the combat territory to their home base (pick up those units and put them down on their home base). All resources those units were carrying remain on the territory and are now under the control of the winner. If the loser revealed at least 1 power on the dial or through combat cards, they gain 1 combat card as they retreat.

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