Notes on movement


RESOURCES AND WORKERS: Units may pick up and drop off any number of resource tokens during a Move action.

MECHS: In addition to resources, your mechs can pick up and drop off any number of your workers during a Move action. If they do, this does not count as movement for the workers, just the mech. So you could transport some workers on a mech, and then one of those workers could move on its own. You could also use part of your Move action to move a worker onto a territory with a mech, then move the mech while carrying the worker.

RIVERS AND LAKES: By default, units may not move across rivers or onto lakes. This rule is broken by some mech abilities (see Mech abilities for Polania and Nordic below).

RIVER: A river is a body of water on the border between two land territories.

LAKE: A lake is a body of water comprised of an entire territory hex. It extends from the hex to any adjacent shoreline. Thus, in the example shown here, if a player has a special lake-movement ability, they could move from any of the surrounding territories onto the lake.

TUNNELS: For the purposes of the Move action for any unit, all territories with the tunnel icon are considered to be adjacent to each other.