You can build structures (structure tokens) to enhance your actions, control territories, and get end-game bonuses. The resource used to build structures is Wood.

To build a structure, pay the cost, pick up any structure from your Player Mat, and place it on a territory you control with at least one worker on it.

LIMIT 1 PER TERRITORY: Only 1 structure can be built on each territory. So if you’re the first player to build a structure on a specific territory, neither you nor any opponent may build another structure there.

STRUCTURE CONTROL: Opponents can’t use your structure abilities. You always get the abilities from your structures even if you don’t control the territories they’re on (except for the Mill--you can’t Produce on the Mill’s territory if you don’t control that territory).

TERRITORY CONTROL: A territory with one of your structures on it is under your control even if you have no units there. However, if an opponent’s unit is on a territory with your structure, that territory is under their control.

PERMANENCE: Structures cannot be destroyed or moved.

FACTORY: You may build on the Factory territory.

PLACES YOU CAN’T BUILD: Your home base isn’t a territory, so you can’t build there. You also can’t build structures on lakes.

ONGOING BONUS: The benefit revealed by removing a structure from your Player Mat is an additional benefit you will gain when taking the top-row action directly above it in the future.