Factory cards


Each Factory card is the equivalent of a fifth section of your Player Mat (place it next to your Player Mat).

USING FACTORY ACTIONS: The Factory card is treated as any other section on your Player Mat. On your turn, you may place your action token on the Factory card and take one or both actions (starting with the top-row action if you choose to take both).

SEPARATE FROM PLAYER MAT BONUSES: Even if the Factory card action does something similar to another action on your Player Mat, they’re completely independent of one another. So you get neither Recruit Ongoing Bonuses, Structure bonuses, nor coins from similar actions on your Player Mat.

MOVE: All Factory cards have a bottom-row Move action. It’s a little different than a standard Move action, as it says, “Move one unit up to two times within the same Move action.”

CONSISTENT WITH OTHER RULES: All other rules for movement still apply, especially those that say that the entire Move action ends if your character moves onto a territory with an encounter token or a character/mech moves onto a territory occupied by an opponent’s unit(s).

MINE: If you have a Mine, you may move through the Mine with this Move action.

SPEED: If you’ve unlocked the Speed mech ability, one of your mechs or your character may move up to 3 territories with this Move action.

ONE-CARD LIMIT: You may have at most one Factory card (the one you choose the first time your character goes to the Factory).

PERMANENT SELECTION: Your selection is permanent—you may not switch your Factory card for another card if your character ends a future Move action on the Factory.

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