Combat overview


Combat may happen at the end of a player’s Move action (after all units have moved but before the player takes a bottom-row action). If that player’s character and/or mechs share a territory with an opponent’s character and/or mechs, combat occurs.

It’s possible for this to happen on multiple territories; in that case, the active player (the attacker) chooses the order in which these combats occur. Combat happens only between the two players whose units share a territory, either of whom can gain a star for winning the combat. Other players may try to influence the combating players by bribing them with coins (see Alliances and Bribes).

NO REQUIREMENTS: You may initiate combat even if you have 0 power and/or 0 popularity.

ADVANTAGE: If the attacking player has a mech ability that impacts combat, they use that ability first, followed by the defending player. Also, if combat results in a tie, the attacking player wins.