You can enlist new recruits (cylindrical tokens) to join your forces. The resource used to enlist recruits is Food.

ONE-TIME BONUS: To enlist a recruit, pay the cost, pick up a recruit token from any section of your Player Mat, place it on any open Recruit One-Time Bonus space on your Faction Mat, and immediately gain the depicted bonus. This represents what your new recruit is immediately contributing to your forces. The token remains there permanently—it can’t be moved.

The four one-time bonuses are:

• Gain 2 power

• Gain 2 coins

• Gain 2 popularity

• Draw 2 combat cards

ONGOING BONUS: In addition to the one-time bonus, each recruit gives you a Recruit Ongoing Bonus related to the action from which you selected the recruit token (the bonus in the circle). This represents a skill the recruit brings to your force.

For the rest of the game, whenever you or the player to your immediate left or right (these players are shown in the icon in the red circle) take the bottom-row action in the section of the Player Mat from which the recruit was taken, you may gain the specified bonus. Top-row actions or a similar action on a Factory card do not count.

PLAYER ORDER: If more than one player would gain a Recruit Ongoing Bonus, the active player goes first, followed by the player to their left, then the player on their right. If one of those players places their 6th star as a result, the game immediately ends.

PROCLAMATION: You must announce when you take bottom-row actions so adjacent players know to check for Recruit Ongoing Bonuses.

TWO-PLAYER RULES: In a 2-player game, whenever your opponent takes an action that would give you a Recruit Ongoing Bonus, you only gain it once.