Bottom row overview


The bottom-row actions are in the same order on all Player Mats, but the costs and benefits vary. The Player Mat visuals and the default costs and benefits explained in this section are based on the starting position of each Player Mat.

OVERLAPPING TURNS: Usually when a player starts to take the bottom-row action (which isn’t interactive but may take a few seconds to figure out), the next player can start to take their turn.

COINS: Most of the bottom actions give you at least one coin when you pay to take that action. We recommend that players take the coins before implementing the main focus of the action so they don’t forget to gain those coins. A player may choose not to take the coins (e.g., if coins interfere with their objective).

COMPLETING ACTIONS: Eventually you may “complete” a bottom row action (e.g., with the Upgrade action, at some point you may have nothing more to upgrade). After that point you may continue to pay the cost of the action to gain the coins (and the recruit bonus, if applicable).

RECRUITS: Each of the bottom actions has a Recruit Ongoing Bonus (green circle). If it is exposed, it rewards a player when they or adjacent opponents take this action. See the Enlist section for details.