Placing stars


When you reach a pinnacle of empire building, your faction rewards you with a star. Stars are worth coins at the end of the game.

Here are the ways to place stars, as shown on the Triumph Track:

When you achieve one of these goals, you must place a star on the appropriate space on the Triumph Track. You cannot lose a star after you’ve placed it. For example, if you place a star for reaching 18 popularity and you later drop below 18, the star remains on the track.

By default, each player may complete each of these goals exactly one time. Having a star on a goal does not prevent other players from placing their stars on the same goal.

Here is a descrption of each section on the Track:

Complete all 6 upgrades

Deploy all 4 mechs

Build all 4 structures

Enlist all 4 recruits

Have all 8 workers on the board

Reveal 1 completed objective card

Win combat (up to 2 times)

Have 18 popularity

Have 16 power