Pay the cost (depending on what is shown on all exposed red rectangles before taking the Produce action), choose up to 2 different territories you control, and all workers on those territories may produce.

On the territories you selected for production, each worker may produce 1 token. The resource token is placed on the territory where it was produced. If a worker produces another worker (by producing on a village), after paying the Produce cost, pick up the leftmost worker of the Produce action on your Player Mat and place it on the village.

PAYMENT IS REQUIRED: As is the case with any action, you must be able to pay the full cost to take the Produce action. If you don’t have the coins, popularity, and/or power, you must take other actions instead.

NO LIMIT: Any number of resource tokens or workers can be on a territory. There are no limits to the number of resource tokens in the game. If necessary, place a multiplier token next to resource tokens on the board.

WORKERS ARE PERMANENT: Once you have a worker on the board, you cannot return it to your Player Mat.