Board setup


Encounter tokens (Green Compass): Place 1 encounter token on each territory marked with an encounter symbol on the board (11 total tokens).

Resources and coins: Place the resource tokens (wood, oil, food, and metal), coins, and multiplier tokens in a supply area next to the board.

Combat cards (Yellow): Shuffle the combat cards and put them on the board. If a combat card would need to be drawn from an empty deck, first shuffle the discard pile to create a new deck. If both the deck and discard pile are empty, no cards are drawn.

Factory cards (Purple): Shuffle the Factory cards and randomly select X cards face-down, where X is the number of players plus 1. Place those cards on the board face-down and return the rest of the Factory cards to the box without looking at them.

Encounter cards (Green): Shuffle the encounter cards and put them on the board.

Objective cards (Beige): Shuffle the objective cards and put them on the board.

Structure bonus tile: Randomly select one of the structure bonus tiles and place it face-up at the bottom of the Popularity Track. Return the rest to the box.