Rusviet Mech Abilities


RIVERWALK: Your character and mechs can move across rivers onto farms and villages.

TOWNSHIP: For the purposes of Move actions for your character and mechs, villages you control and the Factory are considered to be adjacent to each other. For example, if your mech is on a village, it can move from that village to (a) any other village you control or (b) the Factory.

PEOPLE’S ARMY: In combat where you have at least 1 worker, you may play one additional combat card. You still require a character or mech to participate in combat. For example, if you have 2 mechs and 3 workers in combat, you may play up to 3 combat cards (1 for each of the mechs and 1 because you have at least 1 worker).

SPEED: Your character and mechs may move one additional territory when moving. If any of those units move into a territory containing an opponent’s character, mech, or worker, their movement ends and they cannot move again this turn. Moving from one tunnel to another still counts as 1 move, so with this ability you could move an additional territory before or after moving through a tunnel. Your mechs can pick up and drop off resources and workers in the middle of a Move action when they have the Speed ability.