Tiny Epic Vikings

Resolving a Battle


At the start of your next turn, you and other players with facedown Viking Cards flip cards over and compare Strengths. The card with the highest Strength wins the battle and gains the Favor Card.

If there are no other players joining the battle, then the player starting the battle fights against the Invaders (see A Lone Fighter: “The Invaders”)

Strength may be boosted by adding or multiplying the number of Active Runes or a resource the player currently has. Resources that boost Strength are not actually spent, so do not move its marker.

Some cards have a Steel cost to use them, and you must pay this cost if you can. If you cannot meet the cost, your card remains faceup in the row, but you do not compete in the battle, gain a Valhalla Boon, or increase your god’s Fury (see Losing a Battle).