Tiny Epic Vikings

Enemy: Harvest Action


The enemy collects the number of resources listed for the action, move each individual marker forward on its own track: It collects 1 resource type at a time (moving forward 1 space), starting with the resource in the top track and going down. For instance, for a "Harvest x2," the enemy gains 1 and 1, but not . If the enemy collects four (or more) resources, collect three different resources and then collect the top resource again, and so forth. It also can gain bonus resources based on any open Boat or Temple slots on its Clan Mat:

Food for each open Boat slot (note: enemy Boats can be returned to its mat).

1 of each resource for each open Temple slot.

When gaining resources, if a marker reaches the end of its track, it stops there and does not gain any additional resources of that type for the rest of the enemy’s turn. At the end of the turn, two effects happen: (1) move that marker back to the "0" space of the track, and (2) you must lose 1 of that resource.