Tiny Epic Vikings

Losing a Battle


For some, losing a battle is a great honor, as the fallen leader will go to Valhalla. If you lose a battle, follow these two steps:

1. Note the Active Rune listed at the top left of your Viking Card. You may gain the Valhalla Boon of that Rune’s god (listed on their mat). Players perform Boon actions in order, starting with the player who began the battle and going clockwise.

2. The fury of the god rises! You must move the Fury Marker of that god up by 1 space. If ever the total Fury goes above 20, flip the token to its "20+" side and place it at the beginning of the track (Fury can never go below 0).

If there is a tie for most Strength: No player wins. The Favor Card is returned to its original spot in its card row. All players in the battle gain Valhalla Boons and increase Fury as if they lost (see above).