Tiny Epic Vikings

A Lone Fighter: “The Invaders”


When you are the only player to resolve a battle, the Invaders see an opportunity to attack, and as the lone fighter, you must defeat the Invaders’ leader. Reveal the top Viking Card from the deck and place it faceup to the right of the Era Mat, stacking on top of any previously placed cards.

Now compare the Strength of your card and the Invaders’ card. For the Invaders, they can always pay its Steel cost, and the Runes of all of the previously played Invader cards boost their card’s Strength (the type of Rune does not matter). If resources are required to boost, then calculate Strength as if each Invader card (previous and current) contributes 1 of that resource.

• If the Invaders win: The Favor Card is returned to its original spot in its card row, and you may perform your god’s Valhalla Boon and must increase their fury by 1 (see Losing a Battle).

• If the Invaders lose: You win and gain the Favor Card! The Rune on the Invaders’ card increases that god’s fury by 1, however the Invaders do not receive a Valhalla Boon.

• In the case of a tie: It is a loss for both you and the Invaders (apply the loss results for both you and the Invaders listed above). The Favor Card is returned to its original spot in its card row.

If you start a battle on the last turn of the era: Once all players have taken their final turn, then resolve the battle right before the Cleanup Phase.