Tiny Epic Vikings

Setting up the Game


The setup on this page is for a multiplayer game for 3-4 players.

Setting up for a solo game, see Solo Rules: The Enemy Clan

Setting up for a 2 player game, see also 2 Player Game Setup Changes

1. Unfold and place the Map Board in the center of the play area. Flip to the side that matches the player count, noted by the icon in the bottom right of the board.

1A. Place 1 Rune onto each Island on the Map, matching its icon, and return unused Runes to the box.

1B. Place a Village on each spot on the Map (not on the spots). Return any unused Villages to the box.

2. Shuffle the God Mats and randomly choose 3 gods, placing them faceup in a row above the Map. Return remaining mats to the box.

2A. Randomly select a Fury Marker for each of the 3 God Mats, placing it on the "0" space on its mat’s Fury Track.

3. Place the Era Mat, Raven-side up, to the right of the God Mats.

3A. Place the Raven Marker on the "1" space to show it is Era 1.

3B. Leave space to the left side of the Era Mat to place a Favor Card (for each Battle).

4. Shuffle the Viking Cards into a single, facedown deck, and place it nearby. Leave space next to the deck for a Discard Pile.

5. Shuffle the Favor Cards, and draw and place several faceup in rows on the top and bottom of the Map. Each of these two rows will have the following number of cards:

• 2-players: 4 cards per row

• 3-players: 5 cards per row

• 4-players: 7 cards per row

Return unused cards to the box.

6. Give each player a Clan Mat and the following tokens, matching the mat’s color:

6A. Settlers: place them onto the matching spots on the mat.

6B. 4 Boats: place 3 onto the matching spots, and set one aside for Step 8 (see below).

6C. 2 Temples: place them onto the matching spots.

6D. 1 Score Marker: set aside for scoring at the end of game.

6E. Give each player 3 different Resource Markers (Wood, Food, and Steel). Place each on the "2" space on the mat’s Resource Track (at the bottom).

7. Give the Chieftain Marker to the starting player: the player who last set foot on an island.

8. Starting with the player to the right of the starting player, place the set-aside Boat into any empty Fjord (water space) that touches the edge of the Map. Proceed counter-clockwise, ending with the starting player.