Tiny Epic Vikings

Phase 2: Performing Actions


In this phase, you take turns in order, starting with the player with the Chieftain Marker, and going clockwise. Each turn you play a Viking Card from your hand. This represents a generation in the life of your clan, and the card you play is your clan leader for that generation. On your turn:

Step 1: Resolve a Battle (mandatory, if started on previous turn)

At the start of a turn, if your most recently played card (rightmost on your row of cards) is facedown (which can only happen if you started a battle on your previous turn), you now resolve the battle. At this time, all other players who also have facedown cards flip over their cards and you all compare Strengths to see who wins the battle (see Resolving a Battle).

Step 2: Play a Card and Perform its Actions (mandatory)

You play one Viking Card on your turn into the space below your Clan Mat. Choose one of the two ways to play the card:

• Start or Join a Battle: Play facedown (see Start or Join a Battle)

• Perform its Leader and/or Rune Action: Play faceup (see Leader Actions and Rune Actions)

In either case, the cards are placed into a row going from left to right below your Clan Mat. Each new card added is placed to the right of the previous card.

Step 3: Dedicate a Village (optional)

If you possess a raided Village, you may dedicate it, placing it on one of the Dedication Actions and performing the resulting bonus action (see Dedicate a Village).

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