Tiny Epic Vikings

Phase 1: Drafting Cards


Players are dealt an initial hand of Viking Cards. They choose a card to keep, and then pass the remaining cards to the next player as follows.

Note: If you're playing with 2 players, the method for this phase is a bit different (see 2-Player Phase 1: Drafting Cards).

1. Deal the number of cards listed on the Era Mat for the current era to each player:

• In Era 1, deal 4 cards

• In Era 2, deal 5 cards

• In Era 3, deal 6 cards

2. You look at your hand of cards, select one card to keep for your final hand in this era, and place it facedown in front of you.

3. Then, pass the remaining cards from your initial hand to the next player. The direction you pass is listed on the Era Mat for the current era:

• In Era 1, pass clockwise

• In Era 2, pass counter-clockwise

• In Era 3, pass clockwise

4. Then, look at the cards passed to you, choose another card to place facedown in front of you for your final hand, and then pass the rest.

5. Continue drafting cards (selecting one and passing the rest) until you are passed a single card. At that time, players are done drafting. Add this single card to your other facedown cards - your final hand for this era is complete. You are now ready to move to Phase 2: Performing Actions.

Note: When drafting, players may reference the cards they have placed facedown, but they cannot exchange cards they have already placed facedown with those in their hand.