Tiny Epic Vikings

Enemy: Sail a Boat Action


The enemy always sails with the Chieftain Boat. However, it sails differently than a normal Boat:

• The enemy targets the closest Island that matches the Rune on the played Viking Card. If the Boat’s current Island matches the Rune, it will target the other Island with that same Rune. Counting the number of Docks and connecting Ferry Routes, it plots the shortest route to reach that Island. If there is a tie for closest-route for both Islands, then it will choose the Island where it has the least total Influence. If still tied, you decide which it targets.

• It never sails into a Fjord. Instead it moves from Dock to adjacent Dock, along the shore of an Island to reach its target.

• If it needs to sail to a different Island to continue on its route, it can sail across a Ferry Route to the Dock of an adjacent Island.

• The maximum number of Docks it can sail is the number of its Sail action, plus the enemy’s Chieftain Sail number listed in the top right of the Enemy Clan Mat. However, it will stop as soon as it reaches its target Island.

• If it passes or ends movement at a Dock with your Boat, immediately undock your Boat and move it into an adjacent Fjord. Its own Boats are not undocked if it passes or moves onto them. The Chieftain Boat may occupy the same Dock as another of its own Boats.

• If it passes or ends movement at a Dock with a Village, it immediately raids it without paying the Steel cost and dedicates it (see Enemy: Raid and Dedicate Villages).

• At the Dock where it ends its sail, that Island is its new focus. It then deploys Settlers onto that Island (see Enemy: Raid and Dedicate Villages).

In this example of an enemy’s sail are 3 possible routes depending on which of the 3 Runes that its Viking Card could have. The total Docks the Chieftain Boat can sail is ‘Sail x3’ plus its Chieftain Sail, which is 2, so the total is therefore 5 Docks. For each Island, it finds the shortest possible route to reach it, counting Docks around Islands and moving across Ferry Routes. Also note that when it passes over your docked Boat, you must move it to an adjacent Fjord. However, its own red Boat is not undocked. Also note when it passes over or lands on a Village, it immediately raids it, paying no Steel to do so.