Tiny Epic Vikings

If the Enemy Starts the Battle


When the enemy’s Steel track triggers a Battle (see Enemy: Resource Actions), the enemy immediately takes the top card from its pile and places it facedown into the Battle Row above its last card played (see If You Start the Battle), and then the enemy chooses a Favor Card.

The Enemy Chooses a Favor Card

The choice of picking from the top or bottom row of cards is based on the location of the Chieftain Boat. If it is docked at one of the 3 Islands at the top of the Map it chooses the top row, and likewise chooses from bottom if at one of the 3 bottom Islands. If there are no more cards in the row, it chooses from the other row.

Next, to choose from the leftmost or rightmost card of the row, it simply picks the card the Chieftain Boat is closest to. If both cards are equidistant, then you choose which one.

You Choose to Join the Battle

On your next turn, you must choose whether or not to join the enemy’s battle, fighting against its facedown Battle Row card.

• If you join, the battle is then immediately resolved.

• If you do not join, before you play your card the enemy resolves its Battle alone and an Invaders Card is drawn. The enemy must see if it can defeat the Invaders, where all normal Lone Fighter rules apply (see A Lone Fighter: "The Invaders").