You sail by moving one of your Boats from a Fjord to an adjacent Fjord and/or to or from a Dock (see below). If you move your Boat to a Dock, you may then deploy Settlers onto its Island and/or raid a Village (if one is there).

Moving Boats

Boats can occupy Fjords and Docks. They cannot be placed directly onto the Islands themselves.

To the right of the Sail icon is a number which notes how many moves you may make. For instance, a Boat with a "Sail x3" may make up to 3 moves. Each costs 1 move:

A. Moving from a Dock into an adjacent Fjord

B. Moving from one Fjord into an adjacent Fjord

C. Moving from a Fjord into an adjacent Dock

Note: All moves must be spent on a single Boat and cannot be divided among multiple Boats. Multiple Boats can occupy a single Fjord, but only one Boat can occupy a single Dock.

Docking Boats

A Dock is noted by a white circle where dotted Ferry Routes touch Islands ( and are both Docks).

When you sail a Boat to a Dock, several things can occur:

• If there is another player’s Boat already at that Dock, the owner of that Boat must immediately move it into an adjacent Fjord.

• You may immediately deploy Settlers onto that Island (see Raid Villages below).

• If there is a Village at that Dock , you may pay Steel to raid it. If you choose not to raid it, your Boat and the Village share the Dock.

• If you now have the most Influence on the Island, you take control and gain its Island Rune (see Gain Control of an Island).

Deploy Settlers

As soon as you sail and land at a Dock, you may pay Food to deploy Settlers onto that Island. The cost is 1 per Settler (noted on the Clan Mat), up to the number for the Sail’s action. For instance, if it is a "Sail x3", then up to 3 Settlers may be deployed. Settlers are boots on the ground (see Gain Control of an Island).

When Deploying Settlers, they must come from your Clan Mat, but on your turn you may return your Settlers from Islands to your mat so that more Settlers are available.

Attack Opponents’ Settlers

After deploying, if you have the most Settlers on the Island, then each opponent with Settlers on the Island must remove 1 Settler, returning them to their Clan Mats (noted on the Clan Mat). For example, Yellow has 2 Settlers and Blue has 1 on an Island. When Red deploys 3 Settlers, Blue and Yellow must each remove 1 of their Settlers.

Raid Villages

If you end your Sail at a Dock with a Village, you have the option of raiding it (this is the only time you can). To raid a Village, you must pay the Steel cost listed on the Era Mat. For example, Villages cost 1 to raid in Era 1. Place the raided Village next to your Clan Mat. You may use it on this turn, or on a future turn, to Dedicate a Village (see Dedicate a Village).