Tiny Epic Vikings

Rune Actions


After the Leader Action, you may perform the Rune Action listed on the card if you have the required number of Active Runes from Islands you control and Viking Cards you’ve played.

For instance, to perform this Rune Action on the right, you need 1.

The 4 main Leader Actions can also be Rune Actions, but there are some additional actions:

Explore with a Temple: You may move one of your Temples from one Island to an adjacent Island following a Ferry Route. This is considered boots on the ground.

Smite a Settler: You may remove an opponent’s Settler ("x1") or two Settlers ("x2") from any Island(s). Return them to their owner’s mat(s). If "x2," they can be from the same opponent or two separate opponents.

Draw and Replace a Card: You may draw a Viking Card from the deck, adding it to your hand, and then discard any card from your hand faceup to the discard pile.

Enter a Battle: Immediately flip the card - it is now in the battle. If there are no other players engaged in a battle, then start one (the Strength of this card is not hidden information).

Collect Resources: Immediately gain the listed resources. If there is a Rune that boosts the action, collect the amount based on how many Active Runes of that type of Rune you possess.

Exchange Resources: Exchange any number of one type of resource for the same number of a single different type of resource.