Tiny Epic Vikings

Resources and Runes


You track resources and runes in the game.

The 3 Resources: Wood , Food , and Steel .

How much of each resource you own is tracked by a tracker on your Clan Mat. As you gain or spend a resource, its corresponding token moves right or left on the track. You cannot collect more resources than the track allows (a maximum of 7 each), nor can you spend resources you do not have.

Runes are symbols of power you get from Viking Cards, Favor Cards, and Islands you control. Each of the 3 Runes represents one of the 3 gods. Active Runes are gained from A playing Viking Cards and B controlling Islands. Active Runes also C boost abilities or D allow you to perform Rune Actions. Passive Runes are gained from E Favor Cards and only offer Victory Points at the end of the game.

An Active Rune is only gained by taking control of an Island or by playing a Viking Card (listed in the top left of each card). Unlike resources, Active Runes do not have a track, and are not spent when used. Instead, you lose these Runes when you lose control of an Island, or at the end of an era when you discard your Viking Cards.