Tiny Epic Vikings

Enemy: Resource Actions


Listed on each Resource Track are special icon actions that trigger when their marker lands on or passes them. Perform these actions after resolving Leader, Rune, and Dedication Actions. If multiple actions are triggered on the same turn, resolve them in order from top to bottom and left to right. Each type of resource has specific types of action icons:

All Tracks:

Increase the god’s Fury of the god whose Island Rune the enemy has the most of by 1. If the enemy has a tied amount for most, then each gods’ Fury is increased by 1. If the enemy has no Island Runes then ignore this action.

Wood Track:

Move the Chieftain Boat to the Dock with your closest Boat, and then move your Boat into an adjacent Fjord. If you have no docked Boats then ignore this action.

Move the Chieftain Boat across its connected Ferry Route to the Dock on the opposite Island. If there is no Island connected to the Ferry Route then ignore this action. It will raid a Village if it lands on one.

Food Track:

Add 1 Settler from the Clan Mat to the Island where the Chieftain Boat is currently docked. If there are no Settlers on its mat, then the Settler comes from the Island where it has the most Settlers.

Add 1 Boat from the Clan Mat to the Dock where the Chieftain Boat is currently docked. If there is already a Boat on that Dock, then place it on the closest open Dock, moving clockwise. If there are no Boats on the mat, then ignore this action.

Place a Temple onto the Island with the most enemy Settlers that does not already have an enemy Temple on it. If tied, you choose. The enemy must remove half of its Settlers from that Island, rounded up, returning them to its Clan Mat.

Steel Track:

The enemy immediately starts a Battle (see Battling with the Enemy). When resolving, it also gains additional Strength from the number listed with the icon.