Tiny Epic Vikings

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Any 1 Resource




"Nature's Fury"

Any 1 Rune


With a Village

Without a Village

Influence: The amount of control that you have over an Island, given by each of your units.

Island Runes

The Map:



Ferry Route

Viking Units:





Era: The round that the game is currently in, marked by the Raven; there are 3 eras in the game.

Sail a Boat: Move 1 of your Boats from a Dock to a Fjord, Fjord to Fjord, or Fjord to Dock.

Deploy Settlers: After a Boat docks, pay 1 , up to the Sail, to add that many Settlers. Referred to as placing "boots on the ground."

Attack Settlers: After adding Settlers to an Island, if you have more Settlers than each other player, each must remove 1 of their Settlers.

Raid a Village: After Sailing to a Dock with a Village, pay the era’s cost to take it.

Dedicate a Village: Once per turn, pay a raided Village to perform a Dedication Action.

Explore with a Settler: Move one of your Settlers to an adjacent Island, following a Ferry Route.

Build: Pay to build a Boat or a Temple.

Harvest: Gain any resources, up to the number listed.

Battle: Turn the Viking Card facedown to start or join a battle, fighting to gain a Favor Card.

Favor Card: The reward for winning a battle (max of 3). Has Passive Runes.

Valhalla Boon: Perform this action if you lose a battle.

Fury: Move the Fury Marker up or down. At the end of the game, the god with the most fury has the most powerful Rune.

Explore with a Temple: Move one of your Temples to an adjacent Island, following a Ferry Route.

Smite a Settler: Remove an opponent’s Settler.

Draw + Replace Card: Draw 1 Viking Card then discard 1.

Enter a Battle: Immediately flip the card to enter an on-going Battle.

Collect Resources: Gain the resources listed in the bag.

Exchange Resources: Swap one type of resource for another.